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Andrew Salzman

How to Make Billions with a Web-Based Consumer Business:The Four Gears Model

As web-based consumer businesses have taken root, we have evolved our thinking at the Chasm Group to reflect how technology adoption operates in this world.  Unlike enterprise B2B markets where mainstream adoption chasms happen in transitioning from high risk to proven solutions, the world of web-based applications and social media is one where systems of engagement rule.  For this sector, we created the Four Gears Model.

The Four Gears are Engage Consumers, Acquire Traffic, Enlist Evangelists, and Monetize.  Here, the market adoption gears spin in anything but a linear progression, and usually start with freemiums as a starting point. 

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Tom Cipolla

The Best Buy on Black Friday:  Kick-Starting Holiday Sales

Black Friday is a term marketing executives have come up with to kick-start billions of dollars in holiday sales.  Retailers, both large and small, give their Thanksgiving weekend sales effort an extraordinary push to accomplish two very important goals:Invite retail customers to take advantage of great Thanksgiving weekend prices to increase yearly revenue.  Build customer loyalty.  Retail customers typically reward retailers with their business if the perception of product value and quality and service is consistent with their first experience on Thanksgiving weekend.

Ads touting big discounts are the order of the day, but the second goal, establishing a long-term relationship   More...