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Labeled ‘Google Hangouts’

Philip Bouchard

Hobbies and Helpouts vs. Business and Solutions

We applaud the launch of Google Helpouts.

We‘re glad Google is validating the need for a cloud-based platform that provides experts to help people with problems. That’s what we do at TrustedPeer. But there’s a big difference: Helpouts are for fun; TrustedPeer is all business. 

There are other differences. Let’s compare Google’s vision against our own.

Google HelpoutsPlatform: Video chat / Google HangoutsProviders: Anyone passionate about anythingUsers: Individuals at home

TrustedPeer®Platform: A scheduled problem-solving call with pre-session discovery and a customized action planProviders:  Highly-qualified, vetted experts who have seen and solved your problem many times beforeUsers: Business professionals

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