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Labeled ‘November, 2013’

Tom Cipolla

The Best Buy on Black Friday:  Kick-Starting Holiday Sales

Black Friday is a term marketing executives have come up with to kick-start billions of dollars in holiday sales.  Retailers, both large and small, give their Thanksgiving weekend sales effort an extraordinary push to accomplish two very important goals:Invite retail customers to take advantage of great Thanksgiving weekend prices to increase yearly revenue.  Build customer loyalty.  Retail customers typically reward retailers with their business if the perception of product value and quality and service is consistent with their first experience on Thanksgiving weekend.

Ads touting big discounts are the order of the day, but the second goal, establishing a long-term relationship   More...

Philip Bouchard

Being Squeezed: The State of Senior Executives Today

We just watched Moneyball again.  It’s one of our favorite movies because it illustrates a common problem we've seen in business time and again.  Brad Pitt is great as the Oakland A's general manager, Billy Beane, who finds himself in a tough spot, with his team sinking to the bottom of the MLB's American League:Billy (the general manager) is faced with the team's difficult financial situation, needs to reduce payroll but doesn't want to appear he’s forcing several terrible trade-offs to cut costs.  Art Howe (the coach) wants to win games and believes the only way is to spend big   More...

Dan Hodges

Healthcare Brokers for Employers:  Scam or Valuable Service?

As described in the recent New York Times article, “Con Men Prey on Confusion Over Health Care Act,” the number of questions about Obamacare is rivaled only by the number of scams targeting this confusion. The scams vary from convincing people to buy extra unnecessary insurance and charging exorbitant fees to “help” them navigate the new system, to stealing Medicare and Social Security information on the pretext of “updating” their Medicare records. Though these types of fraud target individuals, there are also scams focused on employers.

Employers need to accomplish two primary goals:Decide what they need or wish to provide to   More...

Dennis Lormel

Uncovering Fraud:  A Whistleblower's True Story of Courage in Compliance

This is the true and compelling real life story of a Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Bank Compliance Officer. Cathy Scharf had been recently hired by a small community bank. Shortly into her tenure at the bank, she realized something was seriously wrong. The compliance officer determined that the bank was processing an inordinate and unreasonable amount of transactions per month; well in excess of what a bank that size should have been handling. She learned that the bank was dealing with third party processors and subsequently found out that the third party processors were transacting on behalf of internet   More...

Philip Bouchard

Hobbies and Helpouts vs. Business and Solutions

We applaud the launch of Google Helpouts.

We‘re glad Google is validating the need for a cloud-based platform that provides experts to help people with problems. That’s what we do at TrustedPeer. But there’s a big difference: Helpouts are for fun; TrustedPeer is all business. 

There are other differences. Let’s compare Google’s vision against our own.

Google HelpoutsPlatform: Video chat / Google HangoutsProviders: Anyone passionate about anythingUsers: Individuals at home

TrustedPeer®Platform: A scheduled problem-solving call with pre-session discovery and a customized action planProviders:  Highly-qualified, vetted experts who have seen and solved your problem many times beforeUsers: Business professionals

If you need help learning to play the   More...

Robin Boyar

Market Research for Digital Consumer Products

Market Research is a business discipline that provides actionable insights about consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and demographics. Typical market research efforts include:competitive analysissurveysfocus groupsusability testingethnography 

These efforts help capture consumers’ attitudes, behaviors and motivations, providing insights that can help guide product development, marketing and positioning.

For example, a company developing a new product might want to understand the current competitive landscape. It might conduct focus groups and surveys to understand consumers’ attitudes and behaviors around the product concept, and then test advertising and positioning to understand how to best market the product.

Digital products, such as games and apps, require a new approach to   More...