Becoming a TrustedPeer Expert

Benefits to TrustedPeer Experts
Connie Fenchel – TrustedPeer Expert, Former Deputy Director of the U.S. Treasury

Benefits of Being a TrustedPeer Expert

  • Qualified Clients: TrustedPeer reduces your business development burden by providing qualified Clients who have identified you as the Expert for their business need and have pre-paid for your expertise.
  • Reputation Management: TrustedPeer enhances your reputation in an exclusive, branded network of highly qualified Experts.
  • Social Media Marketing: TrustedPeer manages your social media, advertises you through paid social and conducts search engine marketing for your area of expertise.
  • Revenue: Clients purchase your Business Topic content, pre-pay for a 1-on-1 meeting on the TrustedPeer Platform and contract directly with your firm for long-term engagements.

How to Become a TrustedPeer Expert

  1. Qualification: Submit your resume, provide references, and interview with the TrustedPeer Review Board.
  2. Exclusive Content: Develop original, authoritative content for your exclusive business topic by working with a TrustedPeer Editor.
  3. Training: Learn how to manage a meeting, manage your account, customize your dashboard, and update your content.