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My problem is strategic. What should my strategy be?
I have an operational problem - How do I fix it?
I'd like to validate my approach - Am I doing the right thing?
I need to understand a new market.
I have a regulatory issue - What are my obligations and risks?
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Douglas Frank
Assistant Professor
Bob Potter
Managing Principal
R.A. Potter Advisors

How It Works

Find An Expert That's Just Right For Your Business Need. Your Expert Consulting Package Includes:
Pre-Session Discovery Process
The Expert captures details about
your business, your challenge, and
your goals.
One-on-One Session
One-On-One Session
You hit the ground running: Session
is directed and focused from the
first minute.
Session Summary Report
Session Summary Report
The Expert delivers a report that
includes summary details and an action
plan for next steps.
Post-Session Engagement
Post-Session Engagement
Continue your relationship with the
Expert on your own, or with
TrustedPeer's support.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

The consultation I received from Ted Judson and TrustedPeer played a huge roll in the decision-making process and direction for this start-up business. Ted, you gave me an objective point of view of the business, and insightful perspective on starting a new business and my own personal needs and values. For that, I thank you very much.
—Lori Wilson
Pressed, LLC
I have now finished my fourth TrustedPeer session and once again I am in awe of how quickly I can integrate the recommendations into my startup. In a matter of 30 minutes, I went from having no SMM strategy to having a comprehensive action plan that I'm really excited about. Thank you David Burk!
—Leigh Judson
Batterworld, Inc.
I was looking at two options for new larger office space, which presented some complex business issues. Denis Mehigan helped me identify the critical issues and provided me with the tools to arrive at the optimal solution. He was easy to talk to, quick on the uptake, and is clearly an expert in his field. His follow-up exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with, and I would not hesitate to utilize his services again.
—Scott Schecter
I manage a very large and diverse organization with teams in 22 locations on 4 continents; this requires unique approaches to understanding, managing and motivating a very creative, complex and distributed organization. My session with Edie Goldberg gave me 3 new ideas on how to better align my management strategy with our overall business goals to drive more effective results from my teams.
—Bryan Neider
COO EA Labels,
Electronic Arts
My company develops highly customized manufacturing systems to meet very specific requirements for our clients. Understanding our role in the high end product design process is a critical factor when we market our solutions to our customers. After my session with John Carter, I gained at least 2 new ways to bring better value to our customers that will potentially improve our future business.
—Peter White
IJ White and Company
I had contemplated buying a certain type of aircraft and Pete Agur advised me against it based on my aviation needs. In a 30-minute conversation I was saved from making a costly mistake that I would have had to live with for years.
—Current Fractional Owner
I felt this session was on target and the solutions we discussed are real candidates. We are only one discussion away from recommending a winning plan. John Carter was articulate, knowledgeable, experienced, and concise. Very helpful!
—Larsh Johnson
Siemens Smart Grid Software
I have spent my professional life in insurance and pride myself in knowing the details of my business. My session with Vicki Landon expanded my understanding of regulatory trends to better strategically plan my business.
—T. J. Ryan, III
Chief Executive
ISU Insurance Services
I have built a very successful business distributing my products into the speciality channel and I needed to expand distribution to the Mass Market retailers. I thought my session with Rick Bragdon would help me create a new mass market name/brand. I left my session with a mass market strategy!
—Nancy Baird
Creature Comforts
My TrustedPeer Expert Session with Philip Bouchard was strategic and immediately actionable. I implemented several important next steps within 24 hours after my TrustedPeer Expert Session.
—Mark Zanoli
Managing Director - U.S. Head of Technology Investment Banking
UBS Securities LLC
As an early stage start-up, Tom Morton helped us clearly understand our options and timeline for raising money. We greatly appreciated his expertise and concrete approach as well as his peer-like and thoughtful communication style. Tom will definitely be a part of our consulting team moving forward.
—Nicole Palmer
Batter World
Pete Agur was a real expert who really knew the issues. Moreover, the TrustedPeer service provided an expertise to which I did not have access in my own contact universe. I could try to quantify the economic benefit of our session, but it would be substantial, given the potential liability that I am now able to avoid.
—Multi-Aircraft Owner
TrustedPeer made it easy to get expert advice in a timely manner. The Discovery Questions before the session helped me to focus on the issue in advance of our session. Finally, the Summary Report from my Expert, Melissa Hoglund provided me with the clarity I needed to move forward. I will certainly consult with TrustedPeer again.
—Irene Byrne
Executive Director
Phoebe Hearst Preschool
I found Mark Tonnesen’s information and advice very useful, and I’ll be using his recommendations in my practice. As the “requestor”, I quite liked the format, and thought that 30 minutes’ consult is actually a very workable model. It was sufficient time to discuss my targeted questions, exchange information, and receive recommendations. And of course it was the perfect amount of time to let me decide whether to engage the Expert for additional questions.
—Vicki Landon
Landon Associates, Inc.
Denis Mehigan was exactly the right expert at the right time. So much so that we were done in under 30 minutes. I am hiring him to be my real estate representative, and I would recommend him to others.
—David M. Burk
the electron shop
I was struggling to understand social media. I worked with David Burk on the TrustedPeer platform. His suggestions were great, and the process was wonderful.
—Amy Kaufman
Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable
Laura Goldzung is a total compliance professional. I am sure she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming regulatory code section numbers out loud.
—Michael Battey
Emerald Bay Wealth Management, LLC
Being compliant with sourcing foreign companies and accessing supplies from around the world is incredibly complex. Michael Donofrio was an expert and helped me identify several best practices to ensure compliance.
—Peter M. Strumph
CEO Codexis, Inc.
I'm kicking myself for not using TrustedPeer consultants before today. Frankly I never thought I could find the right person quickly, who would work with someone at the ground floor and be affordable. As a business owner developing a completely new product line as a start up, I now plan to never take on a 'next step' without first going to TrustedPeer and seeking the best possible way to do it.
—Townley Paton
ProtoMedia, Inc.
My company does business all over the world. I don't manage our OFAC compliance but after my session with Saskia Rietbroek I know that there are many aspects of OFAC I need to be mindful of as an every day practice. Even though she is in the Netherlands and I'm in the States scheduling was quick and easy.
—Gil Judson
Global Client Manager
JMJ Associates
I wanted to develop an engaging elevator pitch to deliver to friends, colleagues and business connections. Andrew Hurteau brought new ideas to our discussion, and helped me use Powerbites to deliver my business messages richly and succinctly. What a valuable conversation!
—Kristen Badgley
Founder, KBSC
Rick Bragdon's level of expertise in brand and product name development is solid and superior. In our short session, he was able to communicate not just best practices for naming, but reliable processes by which I can guide my clients. A day after my call with Rick, I was able to confidently launch the naming process with two clients. I simply don't know how I would have found just the right expert without TrustedPeer.
—Elea Carey
Women's Startup Lab
Rick Bragdon put us on the right path for re-naming our digital advertising agency. First, Rick showed us the method and the recipe for name brainstorming. He took the time to help us understand the process, and get in the right frame of mind. Then he showed us specific tools we can use to find synonyms and to create new word combinations. Lastly, he brainstormed with us, during the session and after the session, and came up with some interesting names to riff off of. Based on our phone session and the post-session write-up, I’d highly recommend Rick.
—Terry Whalen
Managing Director
CPC Search
During the packaging design phase of our new food product, I had the invaluable opportunity of a 30 minute session with John Phillips. As a startup, I would never have had the access to a world class brand strategist like John and, thus, I had the feedback and direction to set my product's messaging on the right course to success. What a time and money saver! Thank you John and TrustedPeer.
—Leigh Judson
Batter World Corp.
Our expert, Edie Goldberg, was able to get our team quickly focused on the issue's root cause of a very complex problem. Her insightful questions resulted in us reconsidering a number of our long standing assumptions which has opened the possibility of approaching the issue from a number of new angles. The session reenergized our team and gave us a some excellent ideas to move forward.
—Peter White
IJ White & Co.
Like most companies, my company is going through some important changes and I needed to know how those changes affect our Board Governance. James Tompkins was the perfect expert to address my issues. I felt completely secure about discussing my expertise need.
—Tim Crane
Director of R&D and Technology (retired)
Member of the Board
Crane & Co. Inc.

What Our Experts Are Saying...

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