TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship
The TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship Platform provides university centers for innovation and entrepreneurship with a structured way to implement, guide, and monitor their program activities.
Administrators set team objectives forming a Program, which consolidates deliverables and communications. Programs also provide a private space where a team and its mentors can share information.
Mentors and subject matter experts invited from the extended community can interact with students through engagements scheduled and tracked by the platform. All information is kept private and secure. Mobile-ready to support access from anywhere.
Platform flexibility makes it suitable for clubs, hatcheries, accelerators, incubators, experiential learning programs and competitions, based on proven best practices developed by entrepreneurship thought leaders.
For continuous program improvement, TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship tracks and reports on key performance metrics, including adoption, engagement, activities, and progress against milestones for teams and individuals.