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Common Page Navigation

Every page (except these help pages) is structured the same way.
1) Title Bar

At the top-left of the page:

  • Menu icon toggles the left-side menu.

At the top-right of the page:

  • Chat icon toggles the Chat listing, which will be displayed at the bottom of the page. If there are unread chat messages, there will be a small red indicator. If you are not a member of any chat groups, the chat symbol will not be displayed.
  • Messages icon will navigate to on-line messages. There, you can read, reply and create messages to be sent to other users. If there are unread messages, there will be a small red indicator.
2) Left-Side Menu

As mentioned above, selecting the Menu menu icon toggles the menu.

The precise content of the menu depends on the site configuration and your permissions. The menu does not change as you navigate through the site.

Help opens a new window into the Help Center. If there is help specifically identified for the current page, that specific help page will be displayed. Otherwise the overview help page is displayed.

The Help Center includes (at the bottom) the ability to search all of Help for assistance. If the Help Center isn't helpful, please send as a note (also available at the bottom of each help page.) so we can help you, and fix the help database.

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