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Ideally, you should be able to type in your word of phrase and we'll find the best match. Sometimes you might want to further restrict or guide the search routines, so there are different ways you can enter a search word or phrase.

  1. A Phrase query will attempt to locate all the words in the phrase. Resources which have all the words, and have them in close proximity to each other, will be ranked higher.
    China economy
    Will match "China economy", "economy of China", "China", and "economy", boosting results which have both words. (The words do not have to appear adjacent to each other.)
  2. A Quoted Phrase will match only those resources which contain the phrase.
    "China economy"
    Will match "china economy" but not "economy of china". Resources which do not have the phrase or keyword will not be matched. (The words need to appear very close to each other, in the same order as the query.)
  3. The Search within results checkbox allows you to find resources which match multiple queries.
    This is equivalent to a single search joined with (uppercase) AND
    China AND economy
    Will match resources that include both words. Resources with only one or the other word will not match.
  4. To restrict your search to a single field, prefix the field name to the term being searched. For example, to look for people who have worked at Apple, used the field Employer.
    • Colon, but no space, between field name and term.
    • To select from list of valid field names, press "/" key at the start of the search input. (Tab to auto-complete, selecting the top-most returned entry. Otherwise, click on the suggested list.) Where possible, we attempt to auto-complete after the colon as well.
    • Unless specifically limited to a single field, multiple fields are searched for the provided query.


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