Meet the Expert
Neil Shepherd

Chief Marketing Officer, VentureBeat
  • Expert in digital marketing and analytics, including user acquisition, funnel optimization, instrumentation.
  • Head of growth channels at PayPal, with focus on growing user and merchant base.
  • Technologist and strategist, including several years as engagement manager at McKinsey.
  • My specialties include:
    • Digital marketing, demandgen (have run $3m++ / mo across Google, FB, display at various times, each at industry leading LTV/CAC yields, plus content, social.... all other meaningful channels)
    • Product Marketing (customer insights, persona identification, content strategy)
    • Lifecycle marketing (measuring every online or offline interaction, and designing a lifecycle management system to optimize engagement)
    • Lean operations (20-30% cost savings and >50% throughput improvements using lean techniques)
    • Growing and building teams of up to 30 at different times (marketing professionals, digital marketers, growth hackers, analysts, data scientists and engineers)
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