Opportunities are great for life sciences companies holding discoveries that could spawn the next wonder drug.

For the many small, lean ventures pursuing these opportunities, the scientific discovery process is daunting and risk-laden, but it is only a part of the challenge they face. 

Equally challenging is the task of figuring out when and how to extract value from their discoveries and create products that can be successful in the marketplace.

Principals, usually supremely gifted in the science of their product, eventually face the challenge of shepherding their asset through a laborious, but unavoidable process of translating scientific work into business value. 

Meet the Expert

Birgit Anderegg PhD

Consultant Birgit Anderegg PhD
President, ABC&D
Frankfurt, Germany
  • English
  • German: Deutsch

About Birgit

  • 20+ years hands-on and strategic experience in EU and U.S. life science environment: managing positions in pharmaceutical companies, startup technology enterprises and academic research.
  • Specializes in partnering therapeutics, biomarkers and companion diagnostics, e.g. in CNS, ENT and ophthalmology; provides strategic management consulting for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including turn-around situations and situations that call for change management.
  • Clients have included: academic labs on the verge of spinning out a service-providing or technological entity; tech transfer offices of academic research organizations; entrepreneurial start-ups; biotech companies at various R&D stages; pharma companies in temporary need of strategy assessment or with a gap in alliance management; chemical companies expanding their strategic portfolios to API for the therapeutic life science industry; patient adherence program specialists.
  • Geography of clients: Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Israel, USA, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Expert Reviewer to the European Commission, reviewing grant applications in Life Science/SME-relevant fields.


President • ABC & D - Anderegg Business Consulting & Development
2012 — Present
  • Consultant in strategy, portfolio management and licensing in the biotech, life sciences, medical devices, biomarker and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Based in Rhein-Main, Germany.
  • Strategic alliance partner with Trifermed S.L. in Spain and a shareholder/non-executive director of Trifermed GmbH.
Director, Business Development • Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH
2004 — 2013
  • Responsible for in- and out-licensing opportunities in areas of neurodegenerative disorders/Alzheimer's disease; ENT disorders; orphan diseases; drug/device combinations.
  • Previously, as medical marketing director, developed and implemented product training materials for sales reps and distributors in the area of Alzheimer's therapeutics.
Field Applications Specialist • Arcturus Inc.
2002 — 2004
  • Provided applicational support for customers (lab personnel) using RNA extraction and amplification kits, laser capture microdissection and expression arrays.
Principal Investigator • University of Munich, Department of Pathology
2000 — 2002
  • Head of Laser Microdissection Laboratory
  • Head of Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory II (tuberculosis, viral infections)
  • Principal Investigator: "Molecular biology of ovarian cancer and endometriosis"
Visiting Scientist/Postdoctoral • University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Cancer Center
1998 — 2000
  • Conducted cancer gene therapy research (e.g. colon carcinoma, cervical carcinoma, breast cancer), including co-inventorship on a transgenic mouse model
Visiting Scientist • Berlex Biosciences
1997 — 1998
  • Cancer gene therapy (primarily ribozyme approaches)
Scientist • University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf
1994 — 1997
  • Cancer gene therapy, mainly of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) employing antisense approaches.
  • Head of Clinical Neuroblastoma Screening group
  • Project leader: “Screening and Monitoring of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) in Pediatric Cancer Patients” 


University of Hamburg
Ph.D., Molecular Biology/Gene Therapy, 1996

Academic Awards

Stipend of the Kind Philip Foundation


“Entwicklung eines Antisense-Verfahrens gegen den Transkriptionsfaktor TAL1 zur Proliferationsinhibition humaner T-lymphoblastischer Leukämiezellen auf der Basis neuer Befunde zum Transkriptionsmuster des Gens in peripheren Blutzellen gesunder Menschen”
University of Hamburg
MS, Zoology, Immunology, 1991


"Gentherapie der Akuten Lymphatischen Leukämie"

Licenses & Certifications

PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner (Projects In Controlled Environments)
INSEAD Negotiation Dynamics


  • Board of directors, Trifermed GmbH, , a global project management company specializing in life sciences partnerships.


  • Anderegg B, Haecker S, Navia B, Verdoorn T, Verma A: The Role of Imaging Biomarkers in Early Clinical Phase CNS Drug Development. BIO International Convention; Washington D.C., USA, June 29, 2011 (panel discussion)

  • Anderegg B: Clinical Molecular Signature Discovery via Laser Capture Microdissection and Gene Expression Analysis. Euroconference 2002 (supported by the European Commission, DGXII, Human Potential Program, High-Level Scientific Conferences, HPCF-2002-00474; Bonn, Königswinter/Petersberg, Germany, September 26 – 29, 2002 (oral presentation)

  • Mayr D, Amann G, Siefert C, Diebold J, Anderegg B: Does endometriosis really have pre-malignant potential? – A clonal analysis of laser-microdissected tissue. AACR 93rd annual meeting; San Francisco, CA, USA, April 6 – 10, 2002

  • Amann G, Anderegg B, Mayr D, Diebold J, Löhrs U: Analysis of DNA copy number variation in ovarian cancer using comparative genomic hybridisation to microarrays. 86. Jahrestagung der Dt. Gesellschaft für Pathologie; Wien, Austria, April 3 – 6, 2002

  • Lebeau A, Kronawitter M, Anderegg B, Sendelhofert A, Iff A, Haas C, Löhrs U: Potential triggers of autonomous cell proliferation in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast. 85. Tagung der Dt. Gesellschaft für Pathologie; Münster, Germany, June 6 – 9, 2001

  • Anderegg B, Uht RM, Rossi AC, Kushner PJ, Arbeit JM: A mutation in human estrogen receptor α, ERα.K206A, causes cervico-vaginal hypertrophy and dysplasia in transgenic mice. AACR Special Meeting: Molecular Biology and New Therapeutic Strategies: Cancer Research in the 21st Century. Maui, Hawaii, USA, Feb 12 – 16, 2001

  • Irie A, Engebraaten O, Anderegg B, Florl A, Halks-Miller M, Scanlon KJ: Adenoviral mediated anti-H-ras ribozyme for the treatment of bladder cancer. American Urological Association, Inc. 1998 Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA, USA, May 1998

  • Engebraaten O, Kashani-Sabet M, Irie A, Anderegg B, Florl A, Fodstad O, Scanlon KJ: Systemic treatment of metastatic melanoma by a ribozyme-expressing recombinant adenovirus. AACR Annual Meeting. New Orleans LA, USA, Mar 28 – Apr 1, 1998

  • Anderegg B, Horstmann M, Ernst M, Kabisch H (1996). Transcription of tal-1, a putative oncogene playing an important role in childhood T-ALL, can be shown in normal peripheral blood cells by a highly sensitive RT-PCR assay. Klinische Pädiatrie 208(4):251 (abstr.)

  • Anderegg B, Horstmann M, Brysch W, Kabisch H (1996). Effect of tal-1 antisense ODN on T-ALL cell lines. Med Pediatr Oncol 27(6):583 (abstr.)

  • Anderegg B, Horstmann M, Brysch W, Kabisch H: Effect of tal-1 antisense ODN on T-ALL cell lines. 4th International Conference on Gene Therapy of Cancer, San Diego CA, USA, Nov 9 - 11, 1995 (oral presentation)

  • Horstmann M, Scholz RB, Anderegg B, Delling G, Winkler K, Kabisch H: Frequent loss of the expression of the DCC gene in human osteosarcoma. AACR sprecial conference: Cancer - the interface between basic and applied research. Baltimore, USA, Nov 5 - 8, 1995

  • Anderegg B, Horstmann M, Brysch W, Kabisch H: Anti-proliferative effect of antisense ODN directed against tal-1. 2nd International Conference on Antisense Nucleic Acids. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Feb 12 - 16, 1995 (oral presentation)

  • Anderegg B, Brysch W, Scholz RB, Winkler K, Kabisch H (1994) Anti-proliferative effect of antisense oligonucleotides directed againt tal-1 and c-myc oncogenes. Cancer Gene Ther 1(4):334 (abstr. V-101) 

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