The process ancient Egyptians came up with to turn wheat into bread has stood the test of time. 

But that doesn’t mean no progress has been made in three millennia. In skilled hands, modern processing equipment can do some amazing things with grains.

Grocery shelves brim with foods developed by smart people taking advantage of advanced equipment, highly-engineered processes and modern plant breeding.

Yet there’s always room for improvement. In today’s competitive food world, it's a must. There’s still a gap between reality and potential in many processing operations. It can be closed with a focus on efficiency, quality, predictability and consistency.

Meet the Expert

About Eric

  • 30 years experience in grain-based food manufacturing.
  • Has worked for Kellogg, Quaker Oats, Wenger Mfg. and consulted with food manufacturers worldwide. 
  • Offers broad spectrum of knowledge and experience in the production of grain-based foods as well as intricacies of the equipment involved in processing these foods.


President • ESS Ventures, LLC
Jul, 2006 — Present
  • Offers consulting, startup and formulation services to the food industry.
  • Sales rep for food processing equipment in North America
  • Currently sales rep for CEREX AG. Website:
North American Sales Rep • CEREX AG (Switzerland)
Jan, 2005 — Present
  • Switizerland-based company specializes in processing of raw grain products into modern breakfast cereals.
  • Direct and indirect expansion (by puffing and extrusion) of all types of cereals.
  • Cooking, rolling and roasting of flaked products.
  • Coating, drying and cooling of coated products.
  • Mixing and baking of muesli-type and crunchy cereals.
Co-founder, Owner • USC, LLC
1998 — 2006
  • Designed, built and sold coating systems, dryers and toasters.
  • Rebuilt and started up used-single and twin-screw extruders 
  • Based in Sabetha, Kan.
Food Technologist • Wenger Mfg. Inc.
1988 — 2002
  • New product and process development; equipment startup
  • Assisted sales force worldwide.
  • Ran and coordinated pilot plant runs.
  • Specialized in single- and twin-screw startups, extruded product formulations, dryers, toasters and coating systems for all extruded products.
  • Developed many food products and formulas for ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, breading, 3G snacks, textured proteins, snacks and many other foods, feeds and industrial products.
Food Technologist • Kellogg Company
1982 — 1988
  • Helped develop new breakfast cereals (Raisin Squares, OJ’s, Crispix and Fruitful Bran) and trouble-shoot problems on existing products.
  • Worked extensively with twin screw extruders, dryers, toasters and coating systems; helped start up first twin extruder in North American food industry (1982).
  • Formulated many different types of breakfast cereals and sourced raw material with proper specifications.
Production Coordinator • Quaker Oats
1980 — 1982
  • Scheduled and managed corn, oat and wheat flour mills.


Kansas State University
BS, Food and Grain Science, 1980


  • Holds three U.S. patents: #6386748 and #6294212 for the production of high viscosity paste products; #5132133 for reduced calorie, palatable snack product and method of producing same
  • Numerous published trade magazine articles and book chapters.
  • Featured as a "Cereal Scientist"  on the History Channel's “Cereal: History in a Bowl.” (July 31, 2005)
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