Buyers are at a disadvantage in most procurement relationships. They deal with far more vendors and products than the typical supplier, and their negotiating position suffers because of it.

The remedy is gaining access to information about products, vendors, the market and more in a timely, accessible manner. The process involves developing a set of tools that can accurately map spending across several factors by drawing data from often incompatible company information systems.

This topic examines how companies can creatively develop internal collaboration across departments, leading to development of a spreadsheet-based information system that can map spending, identify opportunities and strengthen the negotiating positions of a procurement staff, including those dealing with sole suppliers.

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About Thierry

  • Founder and managing partner of YQ Purchasing, which specializes in creative procurement and in developing and applying new tools and techniques for supply chain professionals.
  • CEO of YQ cvba, a procurement conglomerate of several plastic processing companies.
  • CPO for deSter (part of the Gategroup) and held procurement or director positions for PepsiCo/Tropicana and The Cotton Group.
  • Expertise spans pharmaceutical, mining, stainless steel, plastic processing, banking, glass, chemicals, beverages, FMCG and web development industries. Advises major multinationals like GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines in optimizing procurement operations.
  • Selected by IPSERA 2010 conference in Finland for new and creative procurement approaches published in collaboration with the University of Hasselt. In 2013, IPSERA selected the YQ Matrix platform, developed in close collaboration with the Maastricht University, as being most innovative in the procurement world. Procurement Leaders 2014 selected the YQ Matrix as finalist for the Best Procurement Service Award in London.


• Log Centrum 4 Leopoldsburg
1991 — 1991
Managing Director • YQ Purchasing bvba
Mar, 2007 — Present
  • Procurement and supply chain company specializes in "creative procurement;" developed the "YQ Matrix" platform ( for that purpose in close collaboration with the University of Maastricht.
  • YQ Purchasing specializes in three strategic purchasing pillars: 
  1. Optimization of purchasing departments – Realizes savings and supply chain optimizations by providing the chief purchasing officer within the board of directors of the client company. For example, YQ Purchasing provided Thierry Decocq to the board of directors of the company deSter to optimize its purchasing department. (deSter is a subsidiary of Gate Gourmet Group; turnover of more than 2 billion euro). 
  2. Value creation through purchasing – For marketing, NPD, operations and HRM departments, enhances additional value creation within initially-set budgets by approaching suppliers with combined purchasing/marketing, purchasing/NPD, purchasing/operation and purchasing/HRM strategies.
  3. Complementary to the 80/20 rule – YQ Purchasing takes care of the 20 percent of purchases that are not handled by purchasing department due to time, people or budget restrictions. This is the pillar out of which the YQ Matrix platform was born.
  • Consults with GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines to support the H1N1 (Mexican Flu) challenge as well as assignments in packaging, filling, bio-process, chemicals, gowning and logistics. Simplified GSK's procurement price structure by replacing labor intensive "grid pricing" structures with much lighter "double price" structures. Combined with the creation of a new SAP transaction allowing the mass upload of thousands of prices into the SAP system with just a few clicks, this new procurement approach made it possible to simplify the procurement workload by 50 times. 
CEO • YQ cvba
May, 2009 — Sep, 2014
  • Co-founder of the procurement conglomerate YQ cvba, comprising five shareholder companies active in the plastic processing industry and spread over different European countries.
  • As these were not competing with each other on the market, but were all processing and buying similar type of plastic resins, the objective was to create added value for all shareholding companies and increase their negotiation power and options in front of a monopolistic/oligopolistic supplier base.
CPO - Chief Procurement Officer • deSter
Mar, 2007 — Nov, 2009
  • Led the purchasing departments of deSter Holding in Belgium, Thailand and China as part of management consultancy contract between deSter Holding and YQ Purchasing. 
  • Purchased raw materials and services for the production units in Belgium and Thailand as well as the traded finished goods for the subsidiaries of the group. 
  • deSter Holding is part of the Gate Gourmet group, with a worldwide turnover of more than 2 billion euro.
Purchasing Manager • PepsiCo
Feb, 2003 — Mar, 2007
Purchasing manager for indirect materials and services – Germany/Benelux lead; yearly purchasing value: 180 million Euro.
  • Purchased products and services related to advertising and marketing, capital, IT, sales, general & administration, contract manufacturing and operations.
  • Actual negotiation involved the category specialists and the divisions of marketing, R&D, HR and operations. 
  • Contracts were grouped and jointly negotiated for PepsiCo covering following FMCG brands: Pepsi Cola, Seven-Up, Tropicana, Looza, Punica, Quaker, Smiths, Duyvis, Fritolay, Lays .

Purchasing manager for juice ingredients –Yearly purchasing value: 65 million euro.

Purchased fruit juice ingredients and promotion products for the manufacturing facilities and marketing departments located in France, UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Poland, India and Russia. 

  • Sourced new juice ingredients in Western and Eastern Europe, U.S., Asia, South Africa and Costa Rica to feed the NPD projects of the R&D departments.
International Business Coordinator / Branch Director Pakistan • The Cotton Group S.A.
Aug, 1998 — Feb, 2003
  • Strategic planning and coordination of purchasing, sourcing and production activities in China, Cambodia, and Pakistan. Direct reports: six. Annual purchase/production value: 45 million euro.
  • Branch director for Pakistan (1998–2000), situated in Karachi. Responsible for full start-up of the branch, coordination of sourcing/selection of suppliers, price negotiations with suppliers, selection and training of local and expatriate personnel. Direct reports: 16. Annual purchase/production value: 6 million euro.
Various Positions • Italy, Chile, Germany
1993 — 1998


Flemish Institute of Management - VLEKHO
MBA, Management, 1991

Academic Honors

with Honors
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Master of Law, International Competition Law, Industrial Property Law, Company Law, Commerical Law, 1990
Faculté Universitaire Notre-Dame de la Paix
Law, 1987
BA, Latin, Mathematics, 1985




Laureate of the Prize of Minister of Foreign TradeBelgian Embassy in Santiago de Chile1993 – 1993 (less than a year)Santiago de Chile, Chile


  • Controlling shareholder, Ecopower cvba, April 2011-April 2014. Industry sector: energy & electricity production. Independent control of strategy of the board of directors, reporting to and elected directly by the shareholders.
  • Board member, Kunst-Groen vzw, non profit organization promoting art, 2008-2012.
  • President  VIB Limburg, 2007-2011.  VIB stands for “Vereniging voor Inkoop en Bedrijsfslogistiek” ( VIB Limburg represents the purchasing and logistic professionals in the Belgian Limburg province and recently began collaborations with its Dutch, German and Walloon purchasing and logistic counter parties within the Euregio (respectively, the buyers associations NEVI, BME and Abcal).
  • Board member, VIB National, 2007-2011. VIB National represents the purchasing and logistic professionals in the Flanders.
  • President of ZieLoon vzw, nonprofit organization promoting social, cultural and art life in the area of South Haspengouw, 2004-present. 
  • Board member, C.V. ACCO, publishing and printing house, Leuven, Belgium, 1987-1990.

Keynote Speeches

  • Keynote and panel speaker at procurement conferences in Europe and the United States, 


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