Meet the Expert
Michael Cordonnier PhD

  • Involved in global crop production for 40 years, his experience in South America started in the early 1970s when he conducted agricultural experiments in central Brazil.
  • A keen observer of the development of the soybean industry in South America. Fluent in Portuguese and travels regularly to Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay to inspect soybean and corn crops. 
  • Appears frequently on national television and radio programs to discuss world agricultural issues; conducts numerous seminars dealing with agricultural production for regional and national audiences.
  • President of Soybean And Corn Advisor, Inc., a consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 companies and the agricultural trading community specializing in fundamental analysis of soybean and corn production with special emphasis on South America.
  • Worldwide client base includes: Investment companies, banks, grain merchants, food manufacturers, agricultural processors, information and advice services, commodity traders, agricultural co-ops, chemical companies, fertilizer companies, livestock feed companies, large-scale farming, and governments.
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