Today’s consumer electronic products include app and web experiences in addition to the physical device. Consumers expect their experience to be updated periodically and to evolve after purchase. 

The type of organization required to innovate these extended products is very different from the consumer electronics environments of the past, requiring innovation also in organization, leadership and processes.

Creating an effective product innovation environment is critical for both small companies, looking for the maximum leverage in delivering their first product, and for larger companies that engage their customers on a deeper level.
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About Gregor

  • 25 years in consumer electronics innovation, development, supply chain and distribution.
  • CEO and founder of MOTO Development Group - acquired by Cisco
  • Clients include: Apple, Intel, Logitech, Microsoft, Pure Digital, Contour, litl.
  • Holds six U.S. and international patents in area including mechanism design and cloud computing.


Development Lead • Cisco
2010 — 2011
President • MOTO Development Group
1991 — 2010
  • President and Founder
  • Acquired by Cisco Systems
  • A product design and technology development company with headquarters in San Francisco and an office in Hong Kong.
  • Some recent public projects include Microsoft's Zune HD, the ContourHD, and theLivescribe Pulse
  • Contributed to the development of products for many Fortune 500 companies, including: Apple, Intel, Logitech, and Microsoft, as well as startups like Pure Digital, Contour, and litl
  • In 2007, MOTO introduced the Android Media Platform as a family of reference designs that offer a ready-made development platform with an OLED display, OMAP processors, and multi-touch-capable touchscreens.
Program Manager • Function Engineering
1989 — 1991
  • Function Engineering provides mechanical design and engineering for product development.


Carnegie Mellon University
BSc, Mechanical Engineering, 1989


  • U.S. 5,924,780 Issued Jul. 20, 1999: Sliding Door Assembly for a Computer Housing - A door assembly which includes a door that slides open and closed to alternatively expose and cover components of a computer system.
  • U.S. Patent 7,899,580 Issued March 1, 2011: Irrigation System (see description below)
  • U.S. Patent 7,596,429 Issued December 10, 2003: Irrigation System - A technique for controlling an irrigation system is disclosed. The technique comprises receiving landscape information, receiving environmental information, deriving an irrigation schedule based on the landscape information and the environmental information, and sending the irrigation schedule to an irrigation control unit.


  • Advisor, Contour (2008-2013) - producer of wearable HD action cameras


  • Contributed to research at both the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute (computer vision systems), and the Carnegie Mellon Engineering Design Research Institute (space vehicle design).


  • Authors the Design Review column for CNET, sharing insights into how and why form meets function in consumer electronics.
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