Human trafficking isn't just a threat to victims — it's  a threat to any business that knowingly or unknowingly gets involved.  

Whether you do business in one country or 50, you need to take precautions against your workforce, your contractors and sub-contractors, or your supply chain being tainted by forced labor, child labor, debt bondage and even 21st-century slavery.

Businesses can no longer make excuses; they cannot say, "We didn't know."  Even when you don't have a legal responsibility, you will be judged by the public.

Rather than waiting for a human-rights tragedy or public relations scandal to hit, you can take proactive steps.

Meet the Expert

About Michael

  • Professor and Department Chair - Counter Illicit Trafficking - George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
  • Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Customs and Border Protection, Office of Internal Affairs, Department of Homeland Security
  • Assistant Director (Programs), Department of the Treasury, U.S. Customs, Office of Investigations, Smuggling Investigations Division,  Washington, DC
  • Featured Speaker, 4th International Symposium on Terrorism and Organized Crime, Antalya, Turkey "Illicit Trafficking As A Wicked Problem"


Professor • George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Sep, 2011 — Present
  • Professor and Department Chair - Counter Illicit Trafficking
  • Developed counter illicit  trafficking curriculum, course syllabus, and lesson plans i.e., human trafficking, human smuggling, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, money laundering, public corruption/internal security, criminal intelligence, organizational theory.
  • Developed all training materials for counter illicit trafficking curriculum.
  • Provide instruction to law enforcement and military professionals in both resident and non-resident forums.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on trafficking trends and methods to fellow professors and college staff.
  • Facilitate seminars including the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) sponsored Seminar in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism (SCWMD/T) and Seminar in Transatlantic Security (STACS)
  • Develop and coordinate conferences within the illicit trafficking community of interest.
Assistant Special Agent in Charge • U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
May, 2006 — Jan, 2010
  • Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Internal Affairs (IA), Tucson, Arizona (August 2007 – January 2010)
  • Responsible for the supervision of special agents while they conducted comprehensive analysis of a variety of data related to alleged violations of laws, policies, programs, and regulations, and monitoring enforcement program effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Provided expert technical guidance to special agents in developing investigative plans and strategies, identifying and collecting evidence, and preparing and conducting witness and subject interviews.
  • Provided forecasts detailing the effectiveness of policies, programs, and procedures in the overall regulatory, compliance, and enforcement operations.
  • Represented the agency’s position at high-level meetings and conferences.
  • Responsible for a wide range of resource management and support activities on an agency and national level including - budget, human capital, information technology resources, and logistics. 
  • Deputy Special Agent in Charge, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Office of Investigations, Tucson, Arizona (May 2006 – Aug 2007)
  • Managed and oversaw all operational components and processes of the investigative field office. • Developed, analyzed, monitored, and evaluated all programmatic and operational activities.
  • Assured the efficient and effective enforcement of Federal law under the statutes enforced by ICE.
  • Directly supervised significant investigations.
Deputy Assistant Director • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Mar, 2003 — May, 2006

Field Intelligence Division, Office of Intelligence, Washington D.C.

  • Directed and implemented major intelligence programs, initiatives and operations within the United States and internationally. 
  • Provided direct intelligence support to ICE Investigations on a range of targets and organizations, both domestic and internationally that could threaten national security.
  • Drafted essential components of each DHS/ICE strategic plan and priority program areas for implementation by the Office of Intelligence and its field units (anti-terrorism, human smuggling & human trafficking, illicit finance, money laundering, narcotics smuggling, technology transfer, commercial fraud).
Assistant Director • U.S. Customs Service (USCS), Department of the Treasury
Oct, 1983 — Mar, 2003

Assistant Director (Programs), Department of the Treasury, U.S. Customs, Office of Investigations, Smuggling Investigations Division Washington, DC (Jan 2002 - Mar 2003)

  • Supervised the investigation of national narcotics smuggling investigations, arms trafficking, embargo violations, money laundering, illicit finance, and other violations.
  • Reviewed all national Class I undercover operations.
  • Disseminated actionable intelligence and parallel constructed it for court, grand jury, foreign utilization and adhered to Treasury Order 113-01 and the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA).

Customs Law Enforcement Representative, Joint Interagency Task Force, West, Office of Investigations (Jul 2000 - Jan 2003)

  • Provided a direct link in the coordination of the counterdrug efforts of DoD and U.S. Customs.
  • Developed a Unified Strategic Plan for the Eastern Pacific and contiguous arrival zone. 
  • Developed the conceptual premise and initial operations plan behind a special operation to place indigenous surveillance assets in Eastern Pacific and increase maritime patrol aircraft in Transit Zone.

Special Agent/Supervisory Special Agent, Office of Investigation (Oct 1983 – Jul 2000)

  • Planned and coordinated the work to be accomplished by criminal investigators (Special Agents and Senior Special Agents) and support personnel assigned to my group.
  • Advised the criminal investigators of policies, procedures, and investigative techniques. 
  • Directed and managed some of the most complex and sensitive investigations conducted by Customs
  • Direct supervisory experience in narcotic, strategic (munitions and critical technology), trade enforcement (fraud) and money laundering investigations. 


California State University, East Bay
MA, Public Administration, 1997
California State University, Sacramento
BS, Biology, Chemistry, 1980

Security Clearances

TS/SCI (2005)

Keynote Speeches

  • 7-9 December 2012 – 4th International Symposium on Terrorism and Organized Crime, Antalya, Turkey
  • 26-28 November 2012 Special Operations Command – Seams Workshop – EUCOM and AFRICOM – Stuttgart, Germany
  • 10-14 September 2012 – Regional International Drug Enforcement Conference (DEA) – Pravets, Bulgaria
  • 23-24 August 2012 – International Security Development and Policy Institute (ISDP-Stockholm) Conference - Garmisch, Germany
  • 28-31 August 2012 Central Asian Counter Transnational Threats Seminar – Countering Threats in a Post-ISAF Environment – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • 12-17 February 2012 – Countering Narcotics and the Illicit Commons – Fort McNair – Washington, DC.
  • 10-12 November 2011 – 17th Academic Congress, Conference on Intelligence Communities in the Knowledge Society, Bucharest, Romania


  • 10-14 June 2013 Countering Narcotics and Illicit Trafficking Community of Interest - Garmisch, Germany
  • 8-22 March 2013 Seminar in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction – Garmisch, Germany
  • 5-22 February 2013 Seminar in Transatlantic Security (STACS) - Garmisch Germany
  • 28-29 January 2013 – Russian Drug Issues – Research Roundtable Presentation, Garmisch, Germany
  • 16-27 July 2012 DTRA Seminar in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction, Garmisch, Germany
  • 21-25 May 2012 – Seminar on Strengthening Cooperation Between Military and Civilian Structures at State Borders – Garmisch, Germany
  • 2-16 March 2012 – DTRA Seminar in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction, Garmisch, Germany
  • 30 November 2011 – FARS Presentation – Human Smuggling versus Human Trafficking Current Trends and Complexities – GCMC Faculty – Garmisch, Germany

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Being compliant with sourcing foreign companies and accessing supplies from around the world is incredibly complex. Michael Donofrio was an expert and helped me identify several best practices to ensure compliance.
Peter M. Strumph
CEO Codexis, Inc.
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