Meet the Expert
Thierry Decocq

Senior Managing Director, YQ Purchasing bvba
  • Founder and managing partner of YQ Purchasing, which specializes in creative procurement and in developing and applying new tools and techniques for supply chain professionals.
  • CEO of YQ cvba, a procurement conglomerate of several plastic processing companies.
  • CPO for deSter (part of the Gategroup) and held procurement or director positions for PepsiCo/Tropicana and The Cotton Group.
  • Expertise spans pharmaceutical, mining, stainless steel, plastic processing, banking, glass, chemicals, beverages, FMCG and web development industries. Advises major multinationals like GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines in optimizing procurement operations.
  • Selected by IPSERA 2010 conference in Finland for new and creative procurement approaches published in collaboration with the University of Hasselt. In 2013, IPSERA selected the YQ Matrix platform, developed in close collaboration with the Maastricht University, as being most innovative in the procurement world. Procurement Leaders 2014 selected the YQ Matrix as finalist for the Best Procurement Service Award in London.
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