The money transfer business is a fast-growing industry in a fast-changing space:  

  • Partnerships between banks and non-bank financial service providers are becoming more frequent.
  • Non-bank providers are outsourcing their software needs in order to keep pace with technology. 
  • Telecommunications firms and Internet giants like Google and Amazon have moved into financial services.

The landscape is likely to shift even further as younger generations rely less and less on traditional banks. To keep pace, money-transfer companies need to consider new products, new technologies and new partnerships.

Meet the Expert

About Hugo

  • 20 years experience in the money transfer and remittance business, both in Latin America and in the US.
  • Since 2001, consultant for Companies and Banks on Money Transfer issues in Latin America, USA, Spain and the United Kingdom. He routinely gives lectures and seminars on subjects related to money transfer, remittances and financial inclusion.
  • Since 2010, Director of IMTC Conferences, developing Conferences, Seminars, Trade Fairs on International Money Transfers, such as IMTC Miami, IMTC West, IMTC Mexico & IMTC Brasil.
  • Specialties: Market Development, Strategic Advice, Mergers & Acquisitions


Director • Mohr World Consulting
Jul, 2001 — Present
  • Money Transfer & Remittances.
  • MWC advises companies and institutions to develop competitive advantages to increase the volume of remittances, using creative strategies and creating international partnerships.
Director • IMTC Conferences
May, 2009 — Present
  • Link to IMTC Conferences.
  • 3,000 Participants (2012-2015); 800 Companies; 70 Countries.
  • Organization of the Annual Money Transmitter Conference in Miami (October) and other Money Transfer and Money Remittance Conferences in Latin America & the Caribbean, such as IMTC Mexico. 
  • Organization of conferences and training seminars on money-transfer related subjects for private organizations, government agencies, associations.


Université Catholique de Louvain
Diploma, Institute for Developing Countries, 1982


Development of Worldwide Product Marketing
Auburn University
MS, Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, 1978


Marketing of Florida Pompano (T. carolinus) produced in ponds
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BS, Life Sciences, Literature, 1976
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